Kitchen Genesis by E Rose Design, Opens New Showroom at Traditions, LTD

Written by Samantha Vennare Paskorz

Owner Ellena Rose Gotto displays Mix of Metal Element doors, horizontal rustic grain, and a bit of pattern whimsy!

Owner Ellena Rose Gotto displays Mix of Metal Element doors, horizontal rustic grain, and a bit of pattern whimsy!

Have you ever walked into a place and instantly felt inspired?  That’s the feel walking into Traditions Unlimited, the new showroom of Kitchen Genesis by E. Rose Designs.  From the unique home decor to the contemporary lighting, there is much to take in.  What you find there though, is more than meets the eye, because in these walls, there is passion for quality and style that is unmatched in the region.  The sleek design of Plain & Fancy kitchens show functionality with innovative cabinetry options. Kitchen Genesis offers beautiful granite, all types of quartz, including counter-tops by Cambria. Plain & Fancy cabinetry can be customized both inside and out to incorporate unique Hafele kitchen design systems for added functionality. There are many options and styles available to fit the design of your dreams and help you to dream bigger with cabinet doors that lift upward for ease of use.  Attractive and useful, the cutting edge style tops off with routed interior lighting within the cabinets that illuminate and add warmth.  Have a pet?  You’ll love the hide-away pet food drawer option that keeps bowls off of the floor.

Most attractive is in this space lies the possibility of keeping all the pieces together easily and building a foundation for the most important area of the home – the kitchen, where there are memories to be made, meals to be shared and life is enjoyed, why not make it great!  

Hafele accessories and lighting showcase innovation with the newest and latest on the market...Coupled with Plain & Fancy’s unique custom cabinetry and finishes, Ellena’s designs reveal an imaginative cut above the rest. Stop in and see how the showroom design maximizes every inch of space while making organization easy. Check out the spacious drawers with beautiful Walnut drawer boxes and dividers for easy use and unique organization. And wow, they even light up when opened! The cabinetry can be customized for every detail from the exterior to the interior, as the upper cabinets reveal seamless interior lighting that illuminates beautifully and evenly. A few cabinet doors were designed to open in an upward direction giving the homeowner a view at glance of the entire cabinet.

…And so much more to see, from a drawer that pulls out to a table, to pantry pull-outs that display all contents at a glance. Also featured is an elegant custom closet that lights up as portions open for maximum organizational needs.

Showroom located at 1608 W 8th Street, Erie, PA

Hours Monday through Friday 10-5:30, Saturday 10-3:00. Check for holiday hours soon! 814-282-0075.

And make an appointment with Ellena for a personalized tour. Blessings!

A Look at Walnut

When it comes to walnut, knowledge is key

Wood. One wouldn’t think it’s an exciting topic but when discussing kitchen cabinetry, it’s a primary concern. Especially when it comes to the elegant and elusive American Black Walnut.

Wood. One wouldn’t think it’s an exciting topic but when discussing kitchen cabinetry, it’s a primary concern. Especially when it comes to the elegant and elusive American Black Walnut.

Wood. One wouldn’t think it’s an exciting topic but when discussing kitchen cabinetry, it’s a primary concern. Especially when it comes to the elegant and elusive American Black Walnut.

Locally made, locally sourced

While walnut grows throughout the United States and Southern Canada, its commercial range is largely confined to fifteen central states. Plain & Fancy sources its walnut from Upstate Pennsylvania and the lower half of New York State. We work with a local, family owned company that purchases timber sawn stock. They have a kiln drying, surfacing, and molder operation. Primarily, their business is selling kiln dried hardwoods across Pennsylvania and out to some western accounts.

With less than 1% of our forests being made up of walnut, competition is high as the market is in demand. As cabinet manufacturers, we are not alone in our love for walnut.

Plain & Fancy grew up with walnut as our founder, John Achey, loved the species for its unique color and graining. Although no longer widely accepted today, our walnut cabinetry used to showcase natural walnut doors mixed with sections of sapwood (white growth area).

A wood as unique as you

When we think of walnut, we’re imagining the heartwood in the center but 25-30% of the tree trunk is made up of sapwood. Sap, the life blood of all trees, flows up and down through this outer ring and creates the white growth area you’ll see. This is what poses the biggest challenge when it comes to grading and finding consistent walnut.


As a species, walnut doesn’t have a specification for color when it is graded using the National Hardwood Lumber rules. With the high demand and pressure on the market, more color is being processed and squeezed into shipments. The color variance people see is a mix from “steamed sap wood” to warm its color, to gray-brown, and tan.

So if and when you choose walnut for your cabinetry, what should you be expecting? That all depends on you. Lovers of wood will embrace walnut for its variations in color and leave it natural. For a consistent look that still features walnut's tight grain, staining has been the trend.

Designers and consumers need to have open communication about the challenges and realities of working with walnut. It’s important to get a sample, explore stain options, and make sure you are going to love it for years to come. 

Designers and consumers need to have open communication about the challenges and realities of working with walnut. It’s important to get a sample, explore stain options, and make sure you are going to love it for years to come. 

Designers and consumers need to have open communication about the challenges and realities of working with walnut. It’s important to get a sample, explore stain options, and make sure you are going to love it for years to come. 






Better Homes and Garden 2015 Renovation with Plain & Fancy

The Better Homes and Gardens 2015 Innovation Home, featuring Plain & Fancy custom cabinetry, highlights creative products, smart design solutions, energy efficiency and technology that is completely connected. The Innovation Home intends to offer new ideas that aim to make life easier and more connected than ever before. 

The kitchen mixes classic woods and finishes, like the natural Walnut hutch and white range cabinetry, with more eye-catching elements like the custom color dark blue island. Accessories like pullout drawers, cutlery divides and customizable drawer peg systems offer ample storage space while glass front cabinetry showcase fine dinnerware and other collectibles. Integrated cabinet lighting, that turns on when you open the doors or drawers, adds a layer of functionality making it easy to find what you are looking for, even when the room lighting is low. Walnut drawer boxes carry the look of natural wood and enable this kitchen to stand apart from other designs. To read more on this collaboration, read our blog post.

Cabinetry For Every Room in the Home

Room to Reimagine (from Plain & Fancy Custom Cabinetry)


Whether you are looking for a mudroom with built-in storage or an office with smart organization solutions, we can craft custom cabinetry for any room in your home.

Are you looking for a closet with ample storage for clothing and other wardrobe items?  Or maybe you want a wet bar with a space to entertain and serve guests. No matter what you're looking for, we give you plenty of room to visualize your dream space. 

We have lots of styles, finishes and great custom cabinet projects right here on our website that you can use to start building your dream space. Take advantage of our Idea Board tool and save nearly any image on our site to your Idea Board. It's a great way to start compiling ideas and inspiration for your project... 










Benefits of Custom Cabinetry (by Anne Otto)

You may think cabinets are just boxes with shelves, drawers and doors, designed to hide your clutter and provide storage for your ever-growing collection of kitchen gadgets, but they are a part of your kitchen's appeal. Think of your cabinetry as furniture — it should be built to last and created with the homeowner in mind.

While cabinets from a big box store may be less expensive, the value just isn't there. Custom cabinetry has benefits that you won't get from generic pre-fabricated versions and when you consider the value in those features, you will understand why putting custom cabinetry in your kitchen will be the best decision you can make during your renovation.

Everything you need and nothing you don't

The best part of investing in a custom kitchen renovation is the ability to work with your kitchen designer to choose the features that work best for you and your family. You don't have to work within the confines of average dimensions.

You can adjust countertop heights to meet your needs if that is important to you. Select unique cabinet and drawer combinations that make using your kitchen easy and efficient.

Once you have selected a kitchen designer and signed on the dotted line, allow her into your home to observe exactly how you use your kitchen, what you store in your cabinets and what you don't use in your existing space. This will ensure your custom kitchen design gives you everything you need, and nothing you don't.

Shop locally

If you are concerned about the impact of your custom kitchen remodel on the environment or even your local economy, custom-made cabinets can put your mind at ease. Embarking on a custom kitchen renovation in Niagara is easy when you work with a local designer. You will be hiring local designers, renovators and trades people to complete you kitchen — you'll be giving back directly to your community.

And if you are concerned about the origin of the wood used for your cabinets, custom cabinetry is for you. You have a wider range of options when it comes to woods and finishing, so you can make sure you invest in cabinets made from local or domestic hardwoods, lessening your impact on the environment.

The sky's the limit When you look at generic stock cabinetry, you will be told about the "hundreds of combinations" that are available. But when you stop and think about what is truly available, you are still limited. Custom cabinets allow you to choose from a personally customized selection of wood, style, finish and hardware to make sure your kitchen is the beautiful and functional space you've been dreaming of.

Big box store cabinetry is made in batched in an assembly line, which means you may end up with finishes that match, but are not identical. When you order custom-made cabinetry specifically fr your space, it is made per order. That means everything will be hand selected and completed together giving you a uniform and cohesive look.

Cabinets built to last

We only work with skilled cabinet makers who take pride in their work and use quality materials — after all your custom cabinets should be a work of art. Your cabinets should be built to last featuring plywood instead of particle board, dovetailing or dowel instead of glue and hidden undermounts instead of side slide brackets. You may think those stock cabinets seem sturdy now, but your kitchen is one of the most used rooms in your home, and you don't want to lose the money invested in your renovation because you chose discount prices over craftsmanship.


When you find the right custom kitchen designer in Niagara to work on your renovation, you will know that you are getting the quality, beauty and functionality you deserve in your kitchen. You will very quickly see the value custom cabinetry brings into your home.

Traditions Unlimited, a Perfect Resource Center

After leaving Traditions Unlimited last week I thought: "This place deserves some praise!" Sophistication, luxury, and cheer describe their lovely showroom to a tee, and the girls that work there are as fun as the atmosphere!  Yes, customers often will be greeted by one of Lisa's Karen's, or Annalynn's smiling faces offering them their undivided attention. 

Owner Maria Minnaugh and I have worked together on many projects, from finding the perfect fabric for window treatments, to lighting, to ever so gorgeous furniture.  In business, I've developed an obligation and desire to my clients to provide the  best value for their money, not something that's going to disappoint down the road.  At Traditions one can rely on good  value and quality.  Likewise at Kitchen Genesis, we offer Plain and Fancy custom cabinetry because we're convinced it's the best luxury value on the market.  And my design partner Maria feels the same. We both agree on leaving the headaches of inferior quality merchandise behind.  We've been in business long enough to lose the losers and offer something great....something you have no regrets for down the road.  

And I love her honesty.  No games here with gimmicky promotions, or sales where the price is marked up only to offer a "sale".  She's fair from the beginning and always eager to help. Maria's dedication is remarkable, and if it's not right for the space, she'll painfully be the first to tell her customers!  I like that.   And the concept of one-of-a-kind takes priority here.   Who wants their space to look like the trend?  Individuality is key, and at Traditions, they pride in fresh and inspiring ideas that fits each individual.

In addition, shoppers at Traditions receive not only solid professional advice, but discover a fun place to find gifts for all...yes, even cool clocks for the guys and watches too...Stunning artwork, and goodness, even beautiful Belgium linens!  And I especially love not only the furniture, and rugs,  but the exquisite lighting in such a variety of good taste and style.  And try walking out of there without buying a richly scented candle...hard to resist.  Thank you Maria for bringing us such cultural treasure to Erie!  


What's in Your Lasagna?

Ever get that question?  Well every time a guest tastes a mouthful of my piled high lasagna, that’s the first question I hear. Well finally, I’ve decided to share but, please don’t expect precise measurements!  Actually at the request of others, plus a fleeting desire, I once attempted a recipe book.  That meant back tracking, experimenting, measuring with exact accounts of all, and how much of each ingredient went into each dish. Good grief! Now that’s grueling work…Only because our family never measured! We basically looked at approximate amounts to get a feel of how much a given ingredient permeated the dish.

So minus the proportions, I’m happy to share a few secrets of what made our lasagna famous at our family restaurants. 

We were noted for sky high lasagna with rich flavors. The higher the pan, the better.  And BTW, Good luck finding those 6” high pans today, not easy. And why so high?  Well, we used lots of ricotta (pronounced ri-gour-ta) cheese with raw eggs allowing the lasagna to rise high.  While on the subject of ricotta, be sure to use good salty grated cheese when flavoring and fresh parsley, not dried. I prefer aged goat cheese.  And speaking of goat cheese, that’s another layer of flavor I often add for extra creaminess. Along with these cheeses, I add Mozzarella, sharp Provolone, and smoked Gouda.  Actually if you get a nice brick of aged provolone and coarsely grade…you can even forget the Mozzarella!   I prefer mixing smoked Gouda with sharp provolone.

Now let’s look at the meat and the sauce used at our restaurants.  Because of the aromatic sausage oozing with my favorite spice….fennel, plus sausage herbs, along with the spicy meatballs….Well one can only imagine what these savory ingredients added to the dish!    I’m not a big fan of pork these days, so I make a combination of sausage / meatball flavors with fresh organic beef.    Try this: crush lots of fennel seeds (about ¼ cup) with mortar and pestle, and coarse salt.  While the beef is browning, add the fennel, pinch of hot pepper flakes, salt and pepper.  If there’s herbs out of the garden you love, feel free to incorporate, such as parsley or basil, etc. to your liking.   One day I grabbed a ton of Swiss chard and replaced the beef with smoked Gouda.  The flavors were amazing!

Okay, back to the beef….To incorporate the meatball flavor, after the meat cooks, drain the juice into the prepared sauce.  Let it cool a bit, then create another layer of flavoring by adding grated cheese and breadcrumbs to the beef mixture by dusting lightly, and mixing throughout.  So there you have it: a meatball/ sausage combination with cheese, fennel, hot pepper flakes, and breadcrumbs. Yummy!  Again, if making a jumbo pan, you will need about 4-5 lbs of ground meat.

Another question always pops I see eggs there? Are there hard boiled eggs in there?   Actually eggs with sauce are quite common in Sicily.  Grandma used eggs in Barciole with bacon that was absolutely delicious! And so goes with the lasagna. Here’s a proportion…use about 9 eggs per extra-large pan, chopped fine. Eggs go in-between the layers.

If you’ve never made a pan of lasagna before, here goes the order.  If using box noodles like Barilla, pre-soak in hot water according to directions. Get the pan ready for layering.  Ladle sauce on the bottom, about ¼”, then snuggle the noodles in rows so the sauce is covered.  Add half the prepared Ricotta and spread around.  I use 2-16 oz containers of Ricotta for each extra-large pan adding about 4 raw eggs, along with the grated cheese about a cup or more, and fresh parsley with fresh ground pepper.  Oh, and a few dashes of nutmeg is lovely too.

 On top of the ricotta sprinkle half of the meat mixture, then finely chopped eggs seasoned with salt fresh pepper.  On top of the eggs, try some chopped green onions, a cup here, and a cup on the next round of layers. Seal this layer with either Mozzarella, Gouda or sharp Provolone.  Here also is where the creamy goat cheese can be applied by dabbing pieces around.

Start the process again by adding sauce and repeat the layers until all ingredients are applied. The top exposed portion gets the last layer of lasagna noodles followed by sauce and a sprinkle of grated cheese. Bake for about an hour till bubbly around 375°.   I usually bake with cover off at first to brown nicely and evaporate liquids, then cover for the last 15-20 minutesto trap in moisture.  

Different types of sauce can be used as well.  At the restaurant it was always a hearty sauce simmered with lots of meat.  I often go in-between with a lighter mix of tomatoes for sweetness.  Whatever the sauce, to me, fresh basil is a must not to mention a gift from heaven!

I hope one day you will find the time to enjoy this dish, although a lot of preparation, it can be a wonderful family event made with love.

Forgive me mother for releasing our family secrets, but is time to share the love….

Ellena Rose




After months of hard work and problem solving, Annalynn invited the crew over with family to celebrate!  No one deserves a kitchen more than she.  Let your eyes feast at this lovely meal she prepared!

This was an amazing meal with Mediterranean appeal.... Marinated chicken served with refreshing melon chutney, the lightest rice ever with fresh herbs, and oh I remember well the appetizers: red pepper hummus, delicious cheeses, and roasted truffle nuts!   Ummmmm.

Every good cook needs well organized spices to grab in an instant instead of digging through layers in the cupboard.  Just look at Annalynn's smile!  We implemented Hafele premium inserts that stretch nice and wide.

When working on a major renovation, we stick close through all the challenges that may arise. Like family, and that's exactly how we  felt on this celebration day...  We walked the grounds, played games, and prayed a blessing before this wonderful meal.  Thank you Annalynn!!!


Which granite is best for your kitchen?

When Annalynn traveled the granite mission of viewing large slabs, she and her husband came across this lovely slab from Custom Stone, in Hermitage, Pa, that displayed all of the right color requirements. Do you agree?

Well, from the beginning, our plan was to embrace the country with it's calm surroundings, textures, and colors; yet with a sophisticated tone. If you look at this granite, it holds a lot of energy. The opposite of the restfulness we were trying to achieve. 

Here's a fix:
One of the great benefits of 3D conceptual rendering is that we can view what any given texture looks like in the space. Yes! In this image we were able to place the same image of granite directly into the rendering, and then an alternative granite as well. 

 Which do you like?  Do you see a difference from busy to calm? For us, it was a no-brainer to choose the calmer appeal.  And look how GORGEOUS this turned out!  Not only do the lines flow with unity, but the stone reveals a soft hue that perfectly matches the lovely custom cabinets! 

And look how beautiful this back splash turned out...Didn't we say Annalynn had great taste? 

Annalynn's Kitchen, Part 8: Material Highlights

First, I wanted to share this corner drawer unit…these are so cool. Plain & Fancy uses on the best glides to make these drawer float in and out for a lifetime!

Check out this gorgeous hutch with custom blue-glazed enamel encasing earthy, warm walnut interior...

Copper sinks were custom-made to age into a weathered patina. Annalynn chose to let them age naturally and not have them processed at the plant. Note the soft corners and thickness of the material...beautiful!

Annalynn's Kitchen, Part 7: THE CABINETS ARE HERE!!!

"The Guys"

"The Guys"

These two guys can get more done in day than most in a week! Organization is key: our contractor Rich problem solves through every project as he diligently plans through the phases.  At Kitchen Genesis, we use only the most experienced and skilled contractors on the job. 


Beautiful Hickory floors selected by the clients. We debated whether to try utilizing existing floor, but this situation needed fresh and new to compliment the rest!

Cabinetry arrival day!!!! One of the most exciting days of the remodel (and especially with Plain & Fancy Cabinetry) every package is like a work of art with beautiful velvety finishes. Just look at the stunning natural hickory mixed with custom blue glazed enamel. Annalynn showed  impeccable taste with her selections.

Annalynn's Kitchen, Part 6: New Walls!

More to tell about the progress on Annalynn's kitchen and living room makeover... 

This first picture displays the alcove built to lengthen the stove wall and partition off bathroom and adjacent rooms for privacy. We decided to leave the entrance without a door for open flow.

Who on earth wants to tackle a deeply stippled ceiling? Well, it’s all gone now!

Finally, NEW fresh walls are up! And note the newly installed door that  gives access to the lovely grounds and gardens.

Annalynn's Kitchen: The Demolition Continues!

More demolition as we move towards the finish line! Especially interesting is the third photo detailing the plumbing coming from below that we've mentioned earlier. This is a bold feat that can be attempted with trained planning, skilled craftsmen, and custom engineered cabinetry.

Kitchens We Love: "Rustic Modern"

Below are examples of what I call Rustic Modern. Believe it or not, this one of my most FAVORITE styles and my heart awaits the client who will say “Let’s make it happen!”  Maybe it’s love for the peacefulness that comes with natural surroundings, or maybe the mix of polished and rustic textures, but here is where endless history meets creative brilliant form. Just love it!!

Annalynn's Kitchen, Part 3: The Plumbing Issue

With any job, there are always hurdles uncovered that need to be dealt with. In this case, it's a big one - if you've been following the blog you might remember that Annalynn's plumbing goes from downstairs up, right through her cement floors. So what about the plumbing issue? Can this job even be done?

The plumbing...

The plumbing...

At Kitchen Genesis this is where we shine by using only the most talented craftsmen and installers. And with Plain and Fancy’s custom capabilities, the sky is the limit! 

Cabinet plans.

Cabinet plans.

The drawings show cabinets designed to accommodate plumbing by creating a chase through he upper and lower cabinets. Good communication and accurate planning made this job totally possible.