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Ellena was recently named a National Top 30 Plain & Fancy Dealer. Apart from earning her bachelor of science degree in interior design from Mercyhurst University, Ellena has studied fine arts and design at New York University, as well as old and new-world architecture in London, England.

Her clients are always impressed by her sterling work ethic; she focuses on you, making your time her time. Ellena personally guides you toward your vision with uniquely-perfect designs.  After a thoughtful assessment of your needs, she'll present personalized concepts based on the style of your home and the functionality of the space; specific to your lifestyle, and using the highest quality materials.  Her thoroughly developed spatial plans (complete with textures, colors, and beautiful lighting) are all crafted with your budget in mind.

In light of today’s hectic pace, it becomes a refreshing plus to find that evening and weekend appointments are welcomed. Ellena provides personalized service throughout the entire project and her goal is to transition smoothly and efficiently from beginning to end. She guarantees you stunning results!

More about Ellena

The young and talented Ellena Rose,

MAMA MIA!  Ellena's Great Grandpa Cipriano, a renowned chef, cooked for royalty back in Sicily. The next generation traveled from Palermo, Italy, to start a new life in America and settled in the village called Meadville. Their family restaurant grew fast; as fast as their family - including the young Ellena Rose.

As Meadville blossomed into a city, their outstanding family restaurant became the toast of the town. As Ellena steeped herself in learning the restaurant business, she yearned for greater horizons. Her moment arrived when she got the opportunity to travel to New York to study fine arts and design at NYU. From there she traveled to London, England to study old and new world architecture. Her degree from Mercyhurst University enhanced her strong interest in Interior Design.

It is with the tapestry of this rich heritage, professional foundation, and gourmet insight that enables Ellena Rose to offer a unique, one-of-a-kind viewpoint in assisting clients. Let her help you craft the custom kitchen, bathroom, or interior space of your dreams; and at an affordable price!


***Upon completion of a new kitchen, Ellena will prepare one of her Old World dishes from her grandparent's restaurant! Clients can either indulge in a fun family family event, ot receive a scrumptious pan of homemade lasagna at their door. Remember, you are not just a client, you are La Mia Famiglia… Welcome to the family!

In-home cooking class available! Call Ellena at (814) 282.0075 to schedule.

La Mia Famiglia … The family enjoying one of Ellena's delectable meals. 

La Mia Famiglia… The family enjoying one of Ellena's delectable meals.